Airtec 340LPH uprated fuel pump for Focus ST225 MK2 & Focus RS
We have a off the shelf answer to fuelling your high powered Focus RS Mk2, this fuel pump upgrade is a straight swap for your standard pump unit and utilises a state of the Art 340 litres per hour fuel pump!...
Airtec Group A Filter with Cold Feed Scoop for Mk2 Focus ST
Great addition to your ST, Fits all Pre-Face lift and Face lift models Deep induction note & lots of waste gate chatter No worrying about water ingress on low level filters, which is a concern for some ST owners Not...
from £159.00
Airtec Motorsport Tubular Exhaust Manifold for Mk2 Focus ST 225 & RS
For those wanting BIG power from their Mk2 Focus ST or RS, there's now an off-the-shelf solution in the form of this direct fit tubular exhaust manifold which allows a huge range of aftermarket turbos to be fitted.    Freer flowing than our cast manifold...
AS Performance Inlet manifold for Focus Mk2 ST & RS
We have taken more time than most perfecting our manifold to what you see here, we tested several designs which include a square to tapered manifold which unfortunately didn't work and then our Gen2 design finally got the go ahead...
from £345.00
Bosch 550cc Injectors MK2 Focus ST ST225 & RS - Set of 5
Set of 5 Injectors - Upgrade for MK2 Focus ST & RS Fitting and mapping available at our workshop in Coventry
Bosch 750cc Injectors Focus RS MK2 & Focus ST ST225
Engine performance and running quality are enhanced through the optimized spray pattern. Unlike competitors single hole high flow injectors; these High Flow injectors utilize a multi-orifice tip for improved mixture preparation and atomization. This results in lower BSFC and better...
ECU Master ADU 7 Racing Dash Digital Display
The ADU comes with multiple pre-configured pages, which can be customized by the end user to display data required at every race stage (e.g. practice, qualification, race, troubleshooting, etc.) and changed manually or automatically (based on an advanced conditions system)....
Focus MK2 ST ST225 265LPH drop in direct fit fuel pump upgrade
Modified Focus ST fuel pump basket with 265LPH fuel pump and new fuel filter.Tested up to 420bhp with suitable mapping and injectors.  We've found when tuning that the MK2 Focus ST fuel pump can max out anywhere from 350bhp-400bhp dependant...
from £449.00
Focus MK2 ST ST225 Block Mod - Workshop Fitted
Prevent them dreaded cracked liners with block mod shims installed at our workshop in Coventry   Our service includes Precision cut block mod shims OEM gaskets & seals  OEM headbolts Cylinder head straightness checked & skimmed if required Ford Cambelt...
from £900.00
Focus MK2 ST225 / Focus RS MK2 Cambelt & Waterpump change - Fitted
Cambelt change for MK2 Focus ST225 or MK2 Focus RSFord recommends cambelt to be changed at 125,000 miles or 10 years, whichever comes firstIncludes: Genuine Ford Cambelt kit with tensioner Genuine Ford Waterpump Ford spec coolant Genuine Ford Cam Caps Genuine...
Focus RS MK2 LUK clutch and flywheel kit - Upgrade for MK2 Focus ST225
LUK clutch kit as fitted as standard to Focus RS MK2. Ideal upgrade for Focus ST225. Kit includes Flywheel Clutch Pressure plate Slave cylinder Flywheel bolts Please note, as this kit is designed for MK2 Focus RS there is no...
from £540.00
Focus ST MK2 ST225 Airtec Stage 3 Intercooler Kit
We have taken our huge Focus RS Intercooler and modified it to fit with the ST Bumper & then taken our massive 2.5" cold side Pro hose (intercooler to inlet manifold) and a Pro hose boost pipe from Intercooler to...
£549.00 £490.00
Focus ST225 Stage 1 remap 260-275bhp
WP Stage 1 - Wayside Performance Stage 1 software requires no hardware modifications and with just a remap will see 260-275bhp and 360-380ftIb completely transforming these cars. Advised mods:- Induction kit  - Decat/Sports CatClutch upgrade is advised at this stage, if...
from £480.00
Focus ST225 Stage 2 remap 300-320bhp
WP Stage 2 Stage 2 will see another large jump in power with some further modifications - Upgraded intercooler- Induction kit- 3" Exhaust- Clutch upgrade - MK 2 RS Clutch £480 or £800 fitted  On this spec we would typically see...
from £480.00
Focus ST225 Stage 3 remap 320-340bhp
WP Stage 3- Wayside Performance Stage 3 software at this power, the Injectors need upgrading at this point to either RS 440cc or 550cc to cope with the extra power.We also upgrade the standard actuator to a Turbosmart IWG75 unit,...
from £540.00
Ford Focus Mk2 Eibach Pro-Kit - E10-35-016-05-22
The Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect answer for most frequently-driven street cars. It's our legendary spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicle's performance and appearance. Pro-Kit lowers your car´s center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in...
Ford Focus ST & RS MK2 Cambelt & Waterpump kit - Genuine Ford
Genuine Ford Cambelt & Waterpump kit for MK2 Ford Focus ST & RS. This is the RS style kit with the automatic tensioner
from £160.00
Ford Focus ST225 Hardrace uprated front lower arms / wishbones
Fitted with stiffer bushes than OEM these lower arms make the car feel stiffer and more connected to the road Sold as a pair and includes hardrace uprated ball-joints£350 delivered£470 supplied and fitted at workshop in Coventry Finance plans available,...
£403.86 from £370.00
Ford Focus ST225 MK2 Airtec Stage 2 Intercooler
Available In Pro-Series satin Black or Natural Silver AlloyTorque of the Devil Rolling Road test results! 31/01/2009Gen 3 Test results :296.4bhp Brake horse power figure was impressive! :390 lbs/ft Massive Torque curve :148 degrees Inlet Temperature :30 degrees Outlet Temperature Standard Ford Intercooler Test results :275 bhp Brake horse power...
Forge Recirc Recirculation Valve direct fit MK2 Focus ST225
This is a piston design recirculation valve that is a direct replacement for the original fitment. This valve gives greater longevity than the diaphragm valves (OEM) but also benefits from its ability to be fitted with different springs when the boost...
£145.13 £124.99
Genuine Ford Focus MK2 ST ST225 Driveshaft
Genuine Ford driveshaft for MK2 Focus ST225 These are reconditioned units directly from Ford. Price is for 1 driveshaft with no exchange required. 
Genuine Ford MK2 Focus ST225 & RS Aux Auxiliary belts
Pair of Genuine Ford Auxiliary belts for MK2 Focus ST & RS 2.5L Turbo
Millers Nanodrive CFS 10W-50 10W50 NT+ 5L
A fully synthetic Triple Ester NANODRIVE Technology low friction formulation suitable for fast road/street modified engines, race, rally, sprints and hill climbs. Part of the Competition Fully Synthetic NT+ range of engine oils and incorporates Millers Oils second generation NANODRIVE...
Millers Nanodrive CFS 5W-40 5W40 NT+ 5L
A fully synthetic Triple Ester NANODRIVE Technology low friction formulation suitable for fast road/street modified engines, race, rally, sprints and hill climbs. Part of the Competition Fully Synthetic NT+ range of engine oils and incorporates Millers Oils second generation NANODRIVE...

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