Workshop Services


Interim Service - £120

Oil and oil filter, visual inspection of engine bay and vehicle body. Check and top up fluid levels as required, check lights, wiper blades, brakes, tyres, pipe work, cooling system, wheel bearings, suspension (shock absorbers, springs, joints, mounts and bushings), drive shafts and boots, brake lines, exhaust, moisture content of brake fluid, computer diagnostics check and reset service light.

Only the highest quality fully synthetic oils are used direct from manufacturers unless specified otherwise.


Major Service - £220

All of the above, plus pollen filter, air filter, fuel filter (If required), spark plugs.


Brake fluid replacement (Dot 4) - £40

Brake fluid replacement (Dot 5.1) - £55

It is recommended that your brake fluid is changed every 2 years.


Coolant change - £25


Gearbox oil change - GM M32 Oil change with Fuchs Sintofluid - £75


Please contact for a quote on anything not listed above



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