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Dyno/Rolling road session

Dyno/Rolling road session


What Is A Dyno?

A Dynamometer or Rolling Road is a complex piece of equipment that is used to measure the performance and power of a vehicle. It allows the wheels of the car to ride on it to see how well it performs under the artificial conditions of the road.
When the car is on the dynamometer (dyno), it measures the force, torque and power of the car. Our dyno is a 2-wheel dyno. This means that it only has two metal rollers; however, we can adapt most 4-wheel drive cars to 2-wheel drive so that they can go on the dyno.

High BHP and torque figures don’t necessarily mean that the map on your car is a good one. It’s also about the way in which the power is delivered. Our Dynometer is able to produce a power and torque delivery graph. This can bring to light any flat spots or anomalies within the ECU file. When we undertake a power run or data logging on the rolling road, you have the peace of mind that your file has been tested and proven.

The reason you’ll be having your car put on the dyno, other than to test power delivery, is to discover the true power and torque readings. In the graph produced, we’ll be able to tell your max BHP and torque. The process of calculating the performance and power of a car on a rolling road is reasonably quick. On average, your car will be on the rolling road for about 30 minutes. However, this may vary based on how many runs are done.

What Will Be Shown?

The data will show you how much torque and power your car is producing at the wheels. From these results, you will be able to understand where the peak point of power is in your vehicle. This is useful as it will give you the chance to have a stronger knowledge of your car better.

Collecting Data

Rolling roads are commonly used to ensure that your car is performing to the standard it should be. From using the rolling road, data the car projects is collected on computers to allow for accurate results, showing you how well it’s performing.  

How to book?

After purchasing our Dyno run, please call us on 024 7631 3180 and quote the order number to book into our workshop in Coventry. Alternatively you can email us at with your order number and we can get you booked in. The process should take around 30 minutes and you are free to wait in our state of the art waiting facility from which you can see your car on the rolling road!


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