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Remapping session reservation fee

Remapping session reservation fee


Fee for reserving remapping slot

The £80 will be knocked off total remapping invoice. 

If no show then no refund or roll-over of fee is allowed. 

If vehicle turns up in an un-tuneable condition then the £80 will be used to pay for vehicle health check. 

Bookings may be changed up to 14 days before the booked date. 

Your pre-tuning check list: 

  • Atleast ¼ tank of 99RON fuel (Shell V-Power or Tesco Momentum)
  • No strange running behaviour
  • No intermittent faults
  • No warning lights
  • Car is in a roadworthy state 
  • No major leaks of any kind
  • OBD port is accessible and usable
  • Fluids are checked and topped up

    If these requirements aren’t met then we may not be able to tune the vehicle.

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