We are now Integrated Engineering UK dealers

July 25, 2023
We are now Integrated Engineering UK dealers
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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that we have become official dealers for Integrated Engineering. As part of this new partnership, we are fully dedicated to maintaining a comprehensive inventory of their unparalleled, high-quality upgrades right here in the UK.

Integrated Engineering specialises in Volkswagen and Audi tuning, offering a complete range of upgrades from intercoolers to downpipes to software.

The story of IE started with two brothers, Peter and David Blais, who shared a deep passion for racing from a young age. This shared love for the sport led them to establish Integrated Engineering in 2007, based in Salt Lake City, USA. Since its inception, IE has been at the forefront of performance products, setting new standards in various areas like connecting rods, camshafts, valve train components, and billet accessories. Throughout the years, Integrated Engineering has developed some of the highest quality performance-oriented parts on the market.

Air intake systems

There are many intake systems on the market nowadays, but very few have the development, finish and design that IE offer.

IE's unique designs, finished in exquisite carbon fibre look at home in any engine bay and not only do they look incredible, but they perform as well.

Through the integration of a motorsport-style velocity stack into the intake kit designs, the airflow is efficiently directed from the filter to the turbocharger. The bellmouth shape of the velocity stack facilitates a high inertia flow, enabling smooth movement of air from the massive filter with minimal drag or turbulence that could impede power and efficiency. This design also gives IE intakes a unique sound.

IE engineers leverage cutting-edge 3D scanners and specialist software to generate a precise digital model of the engine bay. Within this digital environment, the intake is meticulously designed to guarantee a seamless fit, mirroring a factory-installed unit. By utilizing rapid printed prototyping, real-world fitment and clearances are thoroughly tested before proceeding to production. The outcome is an intake system that offers a hassle-free installation experience, with its angles and curves not only harmoniously complementing your engine bay but also enhancing its overall style.

Exhaust systems and downpipes

When it comes to enhancing both the sound and performance of our vehicles, exhaust upgrades are often the first modifications we consider. Rest assured, IE has you covered in this department as well!

Their selection of exhaust parts maintains the same exceptional quality as their induction kits.

Downpipes: Unlike typical aftermarket downpipes that rely on bends or cuts, which can sacrifice flow and fitment, Integrated Engineering takes a different approach. By employing advanced 3D scanners and specialised software again, IE engineers have the ability to design downpipes with unconventional shapes and sizes that optimize flow and seamlessly fit into tight spaces without compromising performance.

To achieve these intricate shapes, specific sections of the downpipe are cast using the digital models as a guide. This meticulous manufacturing process ensures an exceptionally high-quality performance unit with an impeccable fit and a stunning finish. The result is a downpipe that not only boosts performance but also looks incredible.

As the finishing touch, IE downpipes feature top-of-the-line 200-cell sports cats, ensuring that your car remains road legal and compliant with MOT requirements.



Catbacks: IE goes a step further by providing a variety of cat-back exhaust systems, including impressive 3.5" options. As with all their products, these exhaust systems are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision, using TIG welded T304L stainless steel to uphold the highest standards.

To guarantee a flawless fit, IE employs 3D scanning technology once more in the development process. Moreover, for those occasions when you prefer a quieter ride, they offer valved systems, allowing you to control the level of noise as desired.



IE's diverse range of intercoolers adds yet another impressive offering to their collection. By utilising only the finest intercooler cores and employing expert airflow design, they achieve a staggering 74% reduction in intake temperatures when compared to a stock intercooler on a MK7 Golf R. 

Efficiency is key when it comes to cooling air flow, and IE's Flow Distribution System (FDS) sets a new standard that surpasses all others in the intercooler market. With its cutting-edge design, the FDS maximizes the utilisation of the entire core by incorporating precisely shaped fins, ensuring even and consistent airflow across the entire surface.

As a result of this advanced technology, the IE FDS intercooler has demonstrated a remarkable ability to significantly reduce intake air temperatures.


Throughout IE's hardware range, we've seen a consistent theme of exceptional quality, and this high standard extends seamlessly to their software offerings as well.

IE provides a diverse range of highly developed tunes for both ECU and TCU. Their stage 2 B8 Audi S4 3.0T software has even set a world record for the fastest quarter-mile time on this platform.

Safety and reliability remain a top priority with IE tunes, thanks to their extensive testing and development processes. Additionally, depending on the specific ECU, these tunes come packed with additional features like brake boosting and crackles on overrun, enhancing the driving experience further.

IE's latest innovation, the PowerLink, is another remarkable release. This compact OBD device allows extensive datalogging and enables you to conveniently flash your car's ECU as needed, giving you the flexibility to switch maps when desired.

As authorized installers of IE tunes, we are delighted to offer free before and after dyno testing on all IE software, ensuring our clients witness the tangible improvements in performance first-hand.

IE POWERlink Mobile Datalogging Variables


I could genuinely go on for hours about IE; their products are some of the very best in the market, and we take great pride in offering them to our clients.

Though we've only scratched the surface of what IE has to offer in this post, it's worth mentioning they also have an incredible range of engine and suspension parts, which I might delve into in a future post.

For anything IE-related, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to keeping a substantial UK stock of their products, all set and ready to go!

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