The Corsa E VXR shares a lot of its architecture with the previous generation. Using virtually the same 1.6 engine, gearbox and chassis.

Fortunately on the E they come with 345cc injectors from factory meaning no need to upgrade till around 260bhp.

The big change was switching the old Bosch ME7 ECU to a new AC Delco. While this has its benefits in some areas it has drawbacks in others, making the stages of tuning the E slightly different to its predecessor.

All power estimates are based on results from healthy cars using 99RON fuel


Stage 1 - 215-225bhp

Stage 1 requires no hardware modifications, just a custom ECU remap where we see up to 225bhp. This is the limit of what the stock MAF sensor can read so to tune any further requires this to be upgraded.




Stage 2 - 230-245bhp

To tune any further we need to upgrade the intake to the EP Stage 2 intake, this has 80mm pipework which allows the MAF sensor to read the extra air that is required past stage 1.

The next step is to remove the catalytic converter as this is a huge restriction on the Corsa E. A primary decat is minimum required, ideally full 3" turbo-back for best results.

Once both of them have been fitted alongside one of our remaps we should see 230-245bhp and up to 250ftIb - Torque capped for stock engine, high-torque tuning available for forged engines.




Stage 3 - 240-255bhp

The stock intercooler on the E is pretty poor and begins to heat-soak quickly, for stage 3 we upgrade this to an Airtec stage 2 or 3 cooler.

Once this is upgraded we then find the limit of the stock turbo at 250-255bhp