Astra H VXR Tuning

We have a number of different tuning options available for the Astra VXR. All tried and tested on our in house rolling road and thoroughly on road and track, including the Nurburgring and our own Time Attack car.


WP Stage 1 - 

Our stage 1 package requires no hardware upgrades at all. With careful ECU calibration we can fine tune the vehicle to produce around 255-265bhp and 280-300ftIb.

We advise a crossover delete and cone filter at this stage to get the best gains.





WP Stage 2 - 

At stage 2 we need to help the car breath more freely, to do this we upgrade the standard 2.5" exhaust system and replace the pre-cat. A 3" exhaust system is advised for the best gains.

Once a free-flowing exhaust is fitted and coupled with our ECU remap expected figures are 270-290bhp & 300-330ftIb




WP Stage 3 - 

At stage 3 we look to reduce the intake temperatures, the standard intercooler is not efficient enough to up the boost levels further without sky-rocketing intake temperatures.

Once a larger intercooler is fitted and ECU calibrated expected figures of 285-305bhp and 330-350ftIb.





WP Stage 3+ 

More power can be added safely with the addition of an inlet manifold and cams, seeing around 300-320bhp


After Stage 3+ we begin to get close to the safe limit of the standard internals and for further power improvments we advise replacing engine internals for forged parts.

We have produced 500+bhp Astra's and have a number of different options available for varying power goals. Please get in touch if you would like to push your car past our stage tuning packages.


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