Forge Recirc Recirculation Valve direct fit Astra H VXR / Corsa D VXR / Astra J VXR / Z20LET
Designed as a direct replacement for the OEM valve which is prone to failure when the engine has been tuned or had an upgrade to the engine management software. This valve is complete and ready to install with no fitting...
£145.13 £124.99
340LPH AEM Fuel pump - Corsa / Astra VXR
AEM High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Features: Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles In-Tank design Tested to flow 320 lph @ 43 PSI 39mm diameter fits most applications Offset inlet design eases installation Each pump...
Genuine Astra H VXR Z20LEH Bosch MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor
Genuine Bosch 80mm MAF Sensor as fitted to Astra VXR Z20LEH a standard. Usable as upgrade from 70mm MAF fitted to Corsa VXR and Z20LET engines
Turbosmart Astra H / Corsa D VXR IWG75 Actuator
Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuator provides better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures. We've taken the proven technology from our WG38, 40 and 45mm External Wastegates and applied it to the Internal Wastegate Actuator.
Astra H VXR Mk5 Stage 2 Airtec front mount Intercooler
Test Results @ Amd Tuning Essex – Test vehicle fitted with Remap, Turbo Back exhaust, uprated recirc valve, direct route air-filter & Airtec Intercooler. Run 1 – Intake temperature 144 degree’s (charge air temp going into intercooler) & 26 degree’s...
Astra H VXR Pro Alloy Uprated Water Radiator
All Aluminium high performance water Radiator. Developed and tested on a 300+ Bhp car.... Uprated core section - 54% thicker than the standard unit. All alloy construction - Therefore will not crack or fail like the standard plastic item. Direct...
Turbosmart Uprated Recirculating Valve TS-0203-1261
Turbosmart Shortie Kompact Series valves have been specifically designed to suit BorgWarner EFR and KKK turbos. They also fit the popular Ford Ecoboost engines. Unlike the standard, plastic valves that use un-reinforced diaphragms and are known to crack under increased...
Uprated adjustable front anti-roll bar drop links kit Astra H VXR
Uprated adjustable anti-roll drop links for Astra H VXR  Lifetime WarrantyFitting available at WP workshop in CoventryFinance available, please contact for details
Airtec Motorsport Universal Oil Cooler -8 or -10 an Fittings
AIRTEC Motorsport Universal Oil Cooler Our new range of AIRTEC Motorsport oil coolers are now available to order. These compact coolers are suitable for use with either engine or transmission oil and feature a high-flow 12-row core to aid cooling. They also features cast -8 or -10 male...
Airtec Motorsport Replacement Air Filter – Foam Filters
AIRTEC spec replacement air filters designed to suit a range of different AIRTEC induction kits. We have worked with a leading brand to create our ideal spec foam air filters to increase performance, enhance sound and look great under the...
Vibratechnics Astra H VXR Front Engine Mount
The Vibra-Technics replacement bush insert for the front engine mount is 3 times as stiff as the OE part and will reduce the amount of movement under hard acceleration and braking, resulting in a sharper gear change and a 'tighter'...
from £107.86
Vibratechnics Astra H VXR Right Hand Engine Mount
Replaces the standard right hand engine mount (under the air box). This mount eliminates engine pitching movement reducing stress on the transmission and driveshafts on high power applications.
from £120.96
Vauxhall Astra H VXR Powerflex Handling Pack
(PFF80-801) FRONT WISHBONE FRONT BUSH (PFF80-802) FRONT WISHBONE REAR BUSH (PFR80-1310) REAR BEAM MOUNTING BUSH (PFF80-1320) FRONT LOWER ENGINE MOUNT INSERT PETROL PFF80-1320 fits models with 2.0l engine types Z20LEL/R/H. PFF80-1320 is an insert for the original mount. It is...
Airtec Astra H VXR Mk5 Stage 3 Gobstopper Front Mount Intercooler
Please note: This kit will require you to remove your aircon radiator due to the huge 100mm core. (When was the last time you used your air con?) Even though this intercooler is designed to cope with 500+ bhp power...
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