With extensive experience with the revvy and responsive 1.6 Turbo fitted to the Corsa VXR we have developed our own tuning packages tailored to get the best gains from your VXR.


WP Stage 1 - 

Our stage 1 package requires no hardware upgrades at all. With careful ECU calibration we can fine tune the vehicle to produce around 205-225bhp and 220ftIb. We will normally also see around 60bhp & 70-80ftIb midrange!

Spec - 

Uprated panel or cone filter (Advised)





WP Stage 2 - 

The standard injectors are maxed past our stage 1 package so we upgrade them for 395cc's. We also fit a free-flowing exhaust and a cone filter to allow the engine to breath better. With these upgraded and our custom ECU remap should see figures of 225-235bhp.

Recommended hardware:

395cc injectors

Uprated cone or panel filter

Free-flowing exhaust (3" turbo-back advised)





WP Stage 3 - 

At stage 3 we then look to reduce intake temperatures by fitting an uprated intercooler. Coupled with our ECU remap should see power increased to 235-250bhp and 250-260ftIb.

 Full spec required:
- 3" exhaust
- Injector upgrade
- Cone filter
- Uprated intercooler