The 2.5L 5 cylinder Volvo engine found in the MK2 Focus ST is a very capable platform with huge BHP and torque gains available.

Block mod is a big subject when it comes to tuning these vehicles, some swear by it and some run for years without it with no problems.


WP Stage 1

Stage 1 requires no hardware modifications and with just a remap will see 260-275bhp and 360-380ftIb completely transforming these cars.

Advised mods:

- Induction kit
- Decat

Clutch upgrade is advised at this stage, if remaining on stock ST clutch then we would use a low torque tune to protect the clutch.


WP Stage 2

 Stage 2 will see another large jump in power with some further modifications

- Upgraded intercooler
- Induction kit
- 3" Exhaust
- Clutch upgrade

On this spec we would typically see 300-320bhp & torque capped to no more than 420ftIb - We will also be at the limit of the stock fuel injectors at this point




WP Stage 3 

Injectors need upgrading at this point to either RS 440cc or 550cc to cope with the extra power.

We also upgrade the standard actuator to a Turbosmart IWG75 unit, these have a stiffer spring than the OEM one which allows us to carry extra boost through the top end of the rev-range.

At this spec we should see 320-340bhp and is the limit of the stock K04 turbocharger.



WP Stage 4 

The next step involves replacing the turbocharger with one of our WP Hybrid turbos. These units still provide excellent response but can deliver up to 380bhp with correct supporting mods. 



Want more!? We have built multiple 500bhp+ Focus ST's with a range of forged internals, cylinder liners, camshafts and turbochargers available - Please contact us for more information