Set of 5 Focus RS MK2 / Upgrade for ST225 Genuine Bosch 440cc Injectors
As fitted to Focus RS MK2 as standard Upgrade for Focus ST225 for that have found the limit of the stock injectors Genuine Bosch brand new and sealedSet of 5
Bosch 550cc Injectors MK2 Focus ST ST225 & RS - Set of 5
Set of 5 Injectors - Upgrade for MK2 Focus ST & RS Fitting and mapping available at our workshop in Coventry
Genuine Astra H VXR Z20LEH Bosch MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor
Genuine Bosch 80mm MAF Sensor as fitted to Astra VXR Z20LEH a standard. Usable as upgrade from 70mm MAF fitted to Corsa VXR and Z20LET engines
Fiesta ST180 Genuine Bosch OEM High Pressure Fuel Pump HPFP
Genuine Bosch OEM High Pressure Fuel Pump replacement for MK7 Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6 Ecoboost.
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