The MQB platform Gen 3 EA888 engine is lighter, stronger and more efficient than the previous generation. Featuring new steel rods, crankshaft and lightweight balance shafts plus a completely redesigned cylinder head means that more power is easily possible to extract from these engines.

This engine is also equipped with port and direct injection plus the latest IHI IS38 turbocharger in the Golf R / Audi S3 variants. 

Also equipped with the latest Siemens SIMOS 18.1 ECU gives us a huge amount of control when it comes to tuning these cars, yielding such good gains from a simple stage 1 tune.

Pre-facelift models have either the 6 speed DQ250 DSG transmission or a 6 speed manual.

Facelift models have either the 7 speed DQ381 DSG transmission or a 6 speed manual.


Stage 1 - 350-370bhp

With these engines being so efficient and equipped with good hardware from factory big gains are possible while staying with completely stock hardware.

Stage 1 tuning will normally see gains of 50-60bhp and 80-100ftIb with nothing but 99RON fuel and tuning.

At this stage to improve performance further we would recommend the Airtec turbo elbow plus either a K&N panel filter or full induction system.

Cat-safe crackles are also available that do not cause damage to the OEM catalytic converter and can be set to only work in 'Race' or 'Dynamic' modes.

0-60 times drop sharply as well with customers reporting of clocking consistent 3.5-3.6s with just a WP Engine and DSG tune.


On manual transmission a upgraded clutch may be required.




 Stage 1 packages from £420

Stage 2 - 385-410bhp

Stage 2 requires some hardware changes to get the most from the stock IS38 turbocharger.

At this stage we recommend:

- Induction kit - Here

- Turbo-Elbow - Here

- Wagner or Airtec intercooler - Here 

- Sports cat or decat - Here

With good hardware up to 410bhp and 430ftIb is possible

Pops and bangs are also available and can be made to work only in 'Race' or 'Dynamic' driving modes.


On manual transmission a upgraded clutch will be required.




From standard car stage 2 package from £2350

Stage 3 - 460bhp+

There is a good range of hybrid turbos available for this engine, some capable of over 500bhp with correct supporting mods. If you are looking to take your car to this level please drop us a message and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.


Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) Tuning

Some small changes to the DSG transmission can make a big impact on how these cars drive when tuned. We advised DSG tuning at all stages as it perfectly compliments the increase in power made from tuning the engine.

- Torque limiters raised 

- Shift times improved

- RPM limits raised

- Full manual mode

- Increased clutch clamping force


As always, all our tuning is genuinely custom to each car with every car undergoing full vehicle health check prior to tuning.

Tuning with us involves full rolling road session with complete data-logs taken and before and after dyno printouts.

Please call or message for latest pricing with 4 or 12 month finance options available.


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